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HIPAA Expert Determination (Public Preview)

Audience: Project Owners

Content Summary: This page outlines the Expert Determination and Keep Fields in the Clear features.

This feature must be enabled on the App Settings page.

Expert Determination

Like Policy Adjustments, project owners can use Expert Determination to increase a data set's utility while retaining the amount of k-anonymization that upholds de-identification requirements. With this feature enabled, users can redistribute the noise across multiple columns of a data source within a project to make specific columns more useful for their analysis.

While Policy Adjustments are available on all equalized projects with a noise reduction purpose applied, Expert Determination is only available on projects with Re-identification Prohibited.HIPAA De-identification or Re-identification Prohibited.Expert Determination purposes applied, since Expert Determination is specific to the HIPAA De-identification Global Policy.

HIPAA De-identification

Once a policy has been adjusted, Expert Determination provides a downloadable report that contains a statistical analysis of the data source to assess the very small re-identification probability indicated by the purpose.

Navigate to Use Expert Determination for a tutorial.

Keep Fields in the Clear

This feature provides an Allow Fields in the clear option in the create purpose modal, permitting specified analysts to bypass k-anonymization in specific circumstances. The seeded purpose Re-identification Prohibited.Expert Determination.DUAM is specific to HIPAA Expert Determination and automatically has the Show fields in the clear functionality enabled.

DUAM Purpose

Navigate to Use Expert Determination for a tutorial.

Keep Fields in the Clear Example

Consider the following example, which illustrates a data source whose countrycode column has been selected to be In the Clear and whose customerid column remains k-anonymized:

Keep Fields in Clear

When a user queries this data source while acting under the project, the countrycode column will not be k-anonymized; instead, they will see unaltered values while customerid column remains k-anonymized.