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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2022.5.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Immuta Accounts Introduction

Audience: All Immuta users

Content Summary: This section sets the context for using Immuta Accounts with your Immuta instance.


Immuta Accounts is the central account manager used to connect a user to Immuta resources, such as the Immuta Documentation site, the Immuta Support Portal, and the Immuta Release Portal.

Creating New Users

In Immuta SaaS, Immuta Accounts creates new users in your instance. If you are not using Immuta SaaS, see Chapter 2 to create users for your Immuta instance.


Each user is assigned a specific role dictating what actions the user can take within Immuta Accounts. Within an organization, users can have one of two roles:

The Organization Admin role can create and delete users in their organization, get details on all users within their organization, grant a user group access, list all the users and admins in their organization, reset the passwords of a user, and view the limits of their organization.

The Organization User role can get details on all users within their organization and list all the admins in their organization.

These roles are detailed in the corresponding pages listed below.


The groups the user is assigned dictate what Immuta resources the user will have access to with their Immuta Accounts username and password. The Group options are listed below:

  • Artifacts: Grants members access to the Release Portal.
  • Cloud: Users that are subscribed to Immuta's cloud offerings.
  • Documentation: Grants members access to the Documentation site.
  • Support: Grants members access to the Immuta Support site.

Section Contents

Concept Overviews: These pages explain a role and how to navigate Immuta Accounts with that role.

Tutorial: This page provides step-by-step instructions for using Immuta Accounts.